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My first book, Unclean, was published in 2010. The sequel, "Desolation", was a CampNaNo project in August 2012, which, sadly, remained incomplete and on hold after the sudden death of my beloved American Akita, Nikki. She has been reincarnated as the young stolen pup, Tempest, in the manuscript, which takes place six weeks after the end of Unclean. Andie's marriage is on the brink of implosion. She has to beg to go back to work. And, of course, people die, including someone she loves dearly... You can read snippets from Desolation on the blog. There are twenty-five mini-excerpts that were posted as part of the Six Sentence Sunday meme.

The 2011 NaNoWriMo project was titled "Fall From Grace", and despite exams being stuffed into the middle of November, this was my first (and currently only) successful NaNo. FFG is a deviation from my 'standard' murder and mayhem. It's turning out to be a romantic suspense (I say 'turning out' because it is still in the edit/rewriting stages) that follows the antics of a group of military members. They have bared all for me and FFG fast became the project closest to my heart.

Rewrites for Fall From Grace are scheduled for completion by the summer with a tentative release date slated for early 2015. For now you can check out snippets on my blog, as Fall From Grace was the project I used for the first bit of the Six Sunday meme. More recently, I have been using excerpts from FFG as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors (WeWriWa or #8Sunday) meme on the weekends.

I have been playing with some fiction on and off on called 'Drained'. It's more or less been a way for me to blow off steam and keep myself writing when I stall out on the edits and Desolation. You can check out how far it's come here. The title will be changing in the next few months when I start to take it more seriously.

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~ Keeley

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