Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 72 - Learning to Cope

I've learned over the last two plus months that one of the (many) things that send me into a blind rage (trigger) is when my mentally ill niece is bullying and/or bitching at her mom. They've learned to respect this trigger (for the most part) and  at least wait until I'm not within earshot before the claws come out.

So I'm currently sitting on the balcony with the dogs, a can of soda (fastest thing I could grab in the middle of it - baby, it's hot outside), and cigarettes.

I'm shaking. I can hear the teenager above the sound of the air conditioner that is right beside my head. I want to barrel in there and defend! Instead, I'm writing this and texting one of my best friends.

Eventually it'll stop and one of them will emerge winner. Hopefully it's the adult.

In boring news, have been up for roughly three hours. Anti-inflammatory has finally kicked in so the swelling in my jaw has subsided. There's a beautiful garden growing on this balcony - I assembled it for the sister using some lumber and discarded dresser drawers. Currently there's about a half dozen of each cherry tomato and strawberry that I can consume if they take too long. (They are earmarked for grandmother's,  but a girls gotta do what what a girl must do, right?)

Plans for today include napping and a visit from the above mentioned bestie, so long as I can get off the balcony :)

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