Sunday, August 4, 2013

#8Sunday - Drained - Episode 25: Take Two

Welcome back!

I have been on vacation for two weeks, and have spent the entire time sick. Yeah baby! Finally on the mend and back at work this week. So awesome.

But anyway...

This weeks excerpt takes place close on the heels of last weeks.


I'm not the kind of person who ranks out my subordinates. Hell, I'm not usually one to consider anyone a subordinate. In this case, though, I felt it necessary to remind Luke that there was a time and a place to attempt to tear my clothes off, and in my labs, in front of Michael, was hardly the time or the place.

"Casey," he crashed against me, gripping my hair and pulling it so I had no choice but to lift my chin and expose my neck.

"Oh hell no," I heard Michael in my head again and closed my eyes, bracing myself for the inevitable onslaught of pain I felt coming.

My knees started to give out and I couldn't tell if it was caused by Michael's forceful entrance into my head or by Luke's mouth on my throat. Thankfully, the minute I hit the ground I had that part sorted out.

It was Michael, and I was in his head, watching from the ground in that godforsaken room, with Mare's foot stomping on his throat.


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