Monday, September 24, 2012

Gone with the WIND Mobile

At the beginning of the school year we went to activate a cell phone for my 12 year old niece. She was taking the TTC to and from school and her mom wanted her to have a way to contact us or the school should the need arise.

On Friday, as we were at home cleaning up the huge mess the dogs made while we were at Walmart, we received confirmation from WIND that our new cell phone had been activated.

Ours had been working fine for weeks so we were a little confused as to what was going on.

My sis called the phone company and was told that someone - most likely an employee - had taken her private information and used it to activate a new phone. The fellow she spoke to told her that this was unacceptable - but they couldn't do anything until we had filed a fraud report with the police.

That night she called her bank and discussed with them precautionary measures they could all take in case her credit card number had been compromised. Saturday morning at 0712 an unhappy officer in dire need of wake up juice with sunshine in it showed up to take the report.

She has spent today on the phone, calling the fraud squad, the credit bureaus, and the DMV. She's been told that she needs to pay to have her drivers license changed. So she called WIND back to see what they could do, since it was confirmed that one of their employees was responsible for the breach.

They will do nothing in customer care, because its not an issue their office deals with. She's been told to email the presidents office.

Your company - your employee - compromised personal information. You took someones credit card information, their bank information, address, email, name... And opened up an account linked to this info, then gave that out. But you aren't responsible for this?

If you post a privacy policy, which WIND does, shouldn't you be able to back that up? Apparently, that's gone with the WIND.

This ordeal is a great reminder of how complacent companies have become over accountability.

How sad.


  1. Sorry to hear that sister...Hope everything works out in the end and WIND Pays for it all after you get through to the prez office. I would be suing them...Just saying.....I am just glad nothing like this has happened to us with WIND....Best of Luck to your sister with this unfortunate incident. :(


  2. No surprise here. This is NOT the first time this has happened. Wind has been known for scamming things like this.. be it from selling the phone numbers of its clients to faking subscriber numbers. Anyone that works at wind can see the active subscriber numbers. as of 9am today 412k but wind uses the new match and it reports total subscriber numbers excluding inactive and churn. My suggestion is to do exactly what you are doing.. involve the police. Demand compensation and walk away from wind as soon as you can.